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Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Update time: 2007-04-01
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    Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), which locates by the side of the East Lake in the city of Wuhan, was founded in 1956. It is the only comprehensive institute carrying out the fundamental researches on general virology in the country. Since it was selected as one of the institutes which have entered the CAS Knowledge Innovation Programs in 2002, its research has expanded from general virology to clinic related virology and new emerging virus research.
  Facing the needs of continuously developing the national agriculture, the needs of improving public health and the country security; facing the international frontier of virology research, the institute is laying emphasis on researches of agriculture related viruses and clinic related viruses, development of bio-pesticides, new detecting technologies and prevention strategies for human and animals viral diseases.
  The institute consists of three research departments and one center: Department of Molecular Virology, Department of Bio-control, Department of Analytical Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and the Virus Resource and Bioinformation Center of China. It also has the Key Laboratory of Molecular Virology of CAS, the Joint-laboratory of Invertebrate Virology, a HIV Pre-screening Lab and Hubei Engineering and Technology Research Center for Viral Diseases. The institute is further divided into 14 research groups. The supporting system of the institute consists of an Analytical Equipment Center, an Experimental Animal Center, an Editorial Office of “Virologica Sinica”and an Computer Network Center. The administration organization has three offices: Office of General Affairs, Office of Personnel and Education, and Office of Strategy Planning and Financing.
  The virus resource and bio-information center of China contains the largest virus bank in Asia. It collects about 800 different stains of viruses, which covers 90% of the known insect viruses being found in China. With modern exhibition technology, the newly built China Virus Specimen Museum becomes an example base of activities in science for the national youth.
  For the past 48 years since its establishment, several generations of researchers have worked hard for the development of Virology and for educating students. Through their work, they have contributed a lot in improving the national industry, agriculture as well as in the environmental control. The institute has obtained 218 major achievements in science research. It has won 80 awards which include 12 national Awards, 23 CAS Awards and 29 province Awards. The institute has published a total of over 1700 papers, 35 books. The institute owns 110 patents among which 51 patents have been filed. The institute is traditionally open to the world. Since it was founded, with its ever-increasing contact with the outside world, the institute has established ties for academic co-operation and exchange activities with the World Health Organization (WHO), universities and research institutes in more than 30 counties and regions including UK, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. Twenty national and international scientists have been honor professors of this institute. Being one of a few institutes of virus research in China, the Institute has been officially authorized by the Commission on Degrees Appraisal of the State Councils to confer doctoral in subject of microbiology, and master degrees in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Since 1978, 300 graduate students have been graduated from the institute. There are currently 170 graduate students studying in this institute for their doctor or master degrees. The journal“Virologica Sinca”, one of the key journals of biology and virology in the country is edited in this institute. Papers published in this journal are cited by the national and international databases such as BA, CA, etc.
  The institute has a large group of competitive research scientists, which is comprised mostly by young scientists with high qualification. There are currently 150 staff members in this institute, with 111 researcher and technicians. There are 14 professors, 36 associated professors, 47 assistant professors. 50% of the professors are younger than 45 years old. The average age of the researchers is 38 years old and 72% of them have doctoral or master degrees. Five people have been granted the “Hundred Talents Project”, three were awarded the “National Outstanding Youth”grant, two people have entered the National “ Kua Shi Ji Bai Qian Wan Gong Cheng”.
  The institute provides as good as it could the facilities for science research. It is equipped with various instruments worthy of 21 million Yuan. The institute has built a BSL-3 lab and an experimental animal center with 600 M2. In two years time, the first BSL-4 lab in the country will be build. The institute is the organizer for Hubei Society of Microbiology and Wuhan Society of Microbiology.
  Wuhan Institute of Virology takes the motto of CAS which consists of realistic approach, truth-seeking attitude, collaborative work and creative spirit. The staffs and students are working hard to build the institute a national high-level and international standard research institute.

Address:Xiao HongShan WuHan HuBei China(430071)