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Wuhan Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Update time: 2007-04-01
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    Wuhan Branch of the National Science Library, CAS(also known as Wuhan Library of Chinese academy of Sciences, abbreviate as “Wuhan Centre” below) was founded in 1956 as a regional centre of documentation and information system of Chinese Academy of Sciences (abbreviate as “CAS” below). After more than 40 years of development, it has already become an important supporting system for science research activities and graduate education at Wuhan branch of CAS, as well as a comprehensive science and technology library with an outstanding influence and a reputation in Southern-central China. It has been making very important contribution to research activities of CAS, and the local development of science -technology and economy.   

    Strategic positioning: to be the important component of the library and information system of CAS; to be the important node of undergoing Chinese Science Digital Library (CSDL); to be the regional library and Network Centre serving for local institutes and graduate education of Wuhan branch of CAS; to be the professional centre of documentation & Information for research on resources, ecological environment, and sustainable development of the Yangtze River Basin; to serve for science and technology progress and social economy; to play a role as an important science and technology library in Wuhan; to be an important institution for popularizing science knowledge and promoting science culture.   

    Innovative mission: Aiming on meeting national and CAS’ demands, through 3 to 5 years of efforts, Wuhan Centre will build up a best-qualified digitized professional document centre and Network-based Information Centre that features physics and resources, ecological environment in the Yangtze River Basin by the mechanism of Open and Cooperation, to serve for CAS and the whole society; It will become the important node of Chinese Science Digital Library; it will also expect to play an important role in such respects as the documentation & Information services for the knowledge innovation of CAS, the strategic and decision-making information research activities, regional informationization, professional training of library and information science, and the innovative cultural construction, etc..   

    By the end of 2001, Wuhan Centre has a collection of more than 2.23 million volumes, which includes more than 10,000 Chinese current periodicals (including e-journals), about 3000 foreign language current periodicals (including e-journals); More than 40 titles network-based and CD-ROM databases, including SCI, EI, and more than 10 titles of self-built databases are utilized to serve different research communities. Documents on resources, ecological environment in the Yangtze River Basin, and physics are becoming major part of its collection, which basically covers innovative fields and relevant disciplines of institutes at Wuhan branch of CAS. Information services for scientific research activities and management inside and outside CAS were offered, and needs of the research activities and graduate education at Wuhan Branch were satisfied.   

    Wuhan Centre accelerates the construction of modernized library with information technologies. Now a document and information service network has been built up to share resources and services with different networks by connecting each other. Abundant digitized information resources enable wuhan center to offer services such as information retrieval, subject navigation, information consultation, channel pushing, E-mail, BBS, and etc.   

    Since the mid-1980s, Wuhan Centre has carried out a series of research projects on environment, resources and sustainable development of the Yangtze River Basin to meet needs of national development. It has undertaken and finished a series of projects, such as Database of Disasters in the Yangtze River Basin, Scientific Document Database of Environment and Resources in the Yangtze River Basin, Database of China Environment Information and Environment Protection Industry, etc. Wuhan Center have submit many high-quality research reports, and played an important role as knowledge base and brain tank.   

    In the new century, based on serving the knowledge innovation project of CAS and sustainable development of the Yangtze River Basin, Wuhan Centre will strengthen the construction of automation, network and digital resources to achieve goals like digitized storage, automatic management and network-based full text delivery system. Wuhan Center will make great efforts to become a largest modernized science and technology information centre with characters in services and subject in central-southern China, which fits needs of knowledge economy era and innovation engineering of CAS.  

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