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The 2009 Annual Conference of Hubei Society of Limnology and Oceanology Held at IHB
Update time: 2009-08-21
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The 2009 Annual Conference of Hubei Society of Limnology and Oceanology Held at IHB 

The 2009 Annual Conference of Hubei Society of Limnology and Oceanology was held at Institute of Hydrobiology (CAS) on June 21st, 2009. 50 experts and scholars from 13 institutions attended this conference. These institutions include World Wide Fund for Nature, Wuhan Water Authority, Wuhan Botanical Garden (CAS), Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute, Yangtze River Fisheires Research Institute, Huazhong Normal University, Huazhong Agriculture University, Institute of Hydroecology, Institute of Hydrobiology etc.

Director Hongjiang LIU and director Peipei GAN from Hubei Association for Science and Technology took part in this conference and gave positive comment on the work that have been done by Hubei Society of Limnology and Oceanology. On behalf of IHB which is affiliated to the Society, IHB’s deputy director Prof. Shouqi XIE said that IHB will constantly support the Society. IHB Prof. Jiankang LIU, also academician of the CAS, expressed his hope to the future development of the Society. IHB professor Wenxuan CAO, also academician of the CAS, conveyed his congratulation on the successful opening of the annual conference.

IHB Prof. Hongzhu WANG, also president of Hubei Society of Limnology and Oceanology announced the establishment of three new committees, i.e., Committee of Aquatic Organisms, Committee of Water Environment, Committee of Ecological Hydrology. Besides, the proposal that membership fee should be paid by the members of the Society was passed at the conference with 40 affirmative votes and three abstentions.

4 keynote speeches were made at the conference. Prof. Bangxi XIONG from Huazhong Agriculture University reviewed the historical development of China’s freshwater fishery and appealed for sustainable development of fishery. IHB professor Yiyong ZHOU explained the preventive measures dealing with water eutrophication. Dr. Hui ZHANG from Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences discussed the feasibility of fish moratorium in the Yangtze River basin and proposed a long-term plan for 10-year fish moratorium. Director Jidong LIN from Wuhan Water Authority pointed out the urgency of water environment treatment from the point of view of protecting water environment of Wuhan.

There are 20 speeches made at two venues, topics varying from eutrophication process and treatment, aquaculture etc. Speakers shared their research progress while the audience communicated with speakers and other participants. Hubei Association for Science and Technology and the State Key Laboratory of Freshwater and Biotechnology provided great support for this conference.

IHB Prof. Jiankang LIU

IHB Prof. Wenxuan CAO

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